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My VCR won't stop blinking 12:00.what gives? Broken clock is right twice a day, BUT I WANT IT TO BE RIGHT ALL DAY!
Posted 6/16/2009 2:02:00 PM
I think the question you should ask is not "What gives?" but rather
"How can I benefit from this?"
This VCR is giving you a golden opportunity to be late for just about anything, and have a semi-valid excuse. "Sorry I wasn't there in time to help deliver that VCR still said it was noon!" And so on.

Now some may look down upon you for using a VCR as your primary clock. Which is a perfect transition into one of my Presidential campaign promises: if elected, everyone will get a free clock on their brand new HD-DVD players.
Yep, HD-DVD players for all! Why are movies so cheap on HD-DVD right now?...
Posted By: Webguy  

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