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Where was the pet lost or found? Stolen about a year ago...
Give a description of the lost or found pet. Our american pitbull terrier, Leo, was stolen almost a year ago. We refuse to give up on him. He is a sweetheart and we miss him dearly. There is a reward for anyone who has him, has seen him, or knows of him where abouts.
How can you be contacted? If you know anything please dont be afraid to call me at 863*234*7158. Call at ANYTIME. We really want our babyboy back. Please and Thank you.
Tell us about your pet! Please help return our baby home. I know its a shot in the dark but like I said were not gonna give up on him. He needs medication for heart worms as well. He is a teddy bear he loves people and especially children.
Submitted by 863-234-7158 from SWFL On 7/3/2012